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The Virginia Alliance for Secure Computing and Networking (VASCAN) exists for the purpose of strengthening information technology security programs within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Services — Training Opportunities — Windows Security:

VASCAN offers downloadable instructional materials in the form of PowerPoint presentations, white papers, and articles. Click on the links below to view materials currently available. Return to Training Opportunities page.

A Cheap and Quick Way To Harden Your Passwords (.pdf file)
Discussion of CueCat, a hardware device used to provide a barcode scanner with a unique serial id.

Using Microsoft Windows 2000 Ipsec as a Workstation Firewall (.pdf file)
Included in this document are directions on enabling a firewall-based local IPsec policy for your workstation.

Securing a Windows 2000 Server (.pdf file)
Includes a demonstration of IPSec, VPN and IP filters.

The Top 10 Bugs in Windows 2000 (.ppt file)
This presentation succinctly reviews some of the more serious Windows 2000 vulnerabilities.

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