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The Virginia Alliance for Secure Computing and Networking (VASCAN) exists for the purpose of strengthening information technology security programs within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Services — Training Opportunities — Network Security:

VASCAN offers downloadable instructional materials in the form of PowerPoint presentations, white papers, and articles. Click on the links below to view materials currently available. Return to Training Opportunities page.

Authentication Applications (.ppt file)
A review of the authentication problems that Kerberos can address and a technical discussion of how Kerberos works.

Classical and Modern Encryption Techniques (.ppt file)
A technical review of encryption and cryptography, including sample ciphers and algorithms.

Conventional Encryption Algorithms and Ensuring Confidentiality (.ppt file)
A technical review of the DES algorithm and the nature of confidentiality attacks and responses to them; a follow-up to "Classical and Modern Encryption Techniques."

Database Security (.ppt file)
A technical review of database security models used by the CIA and military.

Digital Signatures and Authentication Protocols (.ppt file)
A technical review of how digital signatures and public-key infrastructure (PKI) work together.

Email Security (.ppt file)
A history of email, a review of related security concerns and a technical review of the use of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and S/MIME to deal with those concerns.

Hiding Text in MP3s (.ppt file)
An examination of the use of steganography: the art of passing information in a manner that the very existence of the message is unknown.

Introduction to ARP (.ppt file)
A review of TCP/IP including definitions of Internet addresses, network byte order and address resolution protocol

Introduction to IT Security (.ppt file)
A technical review of definitions and aspects of security; types of security services, threats and attacks; goals of security; and models for network security and network access security.

Intruders, Viruses and Worms (.ppt file)
A technical review of intrusion methods, viruses and worms and methods to combat them; includes detailed appendices of advanced models.

Intrusion Detection Systems (.ppt file)
Explains why an intrusion detection system is important, reviews IDS architecture, elements, and algorithms, describes hacker techniques for evading IDSs, provides best practices, and more.

Introduction to IPSec and SSL (.ppt file)
Begins with the protocol stack and works through authentication, format, and encryption, followed by questions and answers about what SSL solves or doesn't.

Message Authentications, Hash Functions and Hash/Mac Algorithms (.ppt file)
A technical review of message authentications, hash functions and hash/mac algorithms.

Public-Key Cryptography (.ppt file)
A technical review of the history, types and management of public-key encryption methods, including RSA, DES and Diffie-Hellman

Search Engines and Privacy (.ppt file)
A fairly in-depth review of Roessler's research into personal data submitted via search engines and what impact and problems might arise as a result of this information.

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