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The Virginia Alliance for Secure Computing and Networking (VASCAN) exists for the purpose of strengthening information technology security programs within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Services — Training Opportunities — Awareness:

VASCAN offers downloadable instructional materials in the form of PowerPoint presentations, white papers, and articles. Click on the links below to view materials currently available. Return to Training Opportunities page.

Information Technology Awareness (.ppt file)
A short review of the value of security awareness efforts, an IT security office and VA-SCAN.

Computer Law Threats and Issues (.ppt file)
An extensive review of the provisions of Virginia Computer Crimes Act.

Is the Threat Real? (.ppt file)
A description of IT security threats, how easily they can be perpetrated and the value of proactively protecting oneself.

Scaring You Secure: Welcome to the (IT) Jungle (.pdf file)
A general audience introduction, outlining the importance of security and the types of attacks.

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