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The Virginia Alliance for Secure Computing and Networking (VASCAN) exists for the purpose of strengthening information technology security programs within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

VA SCAN News Archive:

2018 VA SCAN Conference conference website

2017 VA SCAN Conference conference website

2016 VASCAN Conference - October 6-7 conference website

2015 VASCAN Conference

2014 VA SCAN Conference 2014 VA Scan Conference

2013 VA SCAN Conference: Securing the Infrastructure conference website

2013-03 New VA SCAN website

2010 VA SCAN's conference (Weaving Together Security and Business Processes) conference website

2009 VA SCAN's conference (Security in Lean Times) conference website

2008 VASCAN conference - The Moving Target: Technology Security conference website

2008-03 Virginia Tech hosted SANS-EDU Week Long Classes

2007-03 EDUCASE Security Professionals Conference April 10-12, 2007.

2007-06 U.Va. hosts SANS Hacker Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling training session in Charlottesville June 18-23. For more details, click here.

2007 VA SCAN's fall conference: "360° Approach to Security" 360 Conference Site

2007 Virginia Tech held its annual SANS training event in March. Details are at www.cpe.vt.edu/isect

2007 VA SCAN presented at Virginia's Educational Technology Leadership Conference See the presentation here

2006: VASCAN Conference : "IT Security. A Continuous Process: Basics and Beyond" October 26-27 Annual VA SCAN Conference

2006 Educause Security Professionals Conference - April 10-12, 2006 EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference

2005 VASCAN Wins EDUCASE Award for Excellence in Information Technology Solutions

2005 VA SCAN Conference - October 24-25 Information Security and Privacy in Today's Environment: Major Challenges and Effective Strategies

2005 Educause Conference - October 18-21 EDUCAUSE - 2005 Annual Conference - VA SCAN is a winner! 2005 EDUCAUSE Award for Excellence in Information Technology Solutions. (For more info, click here)

2005-03 Educause Security Professionals Conference EDCAUSE - Security Professionals Conference

2005 VT and VASCAN Internet Security Trainging Workshop - March 6-12 Virginia Tech and VA SCAN Internet Security Training Workshop

2004, Educause Conference - October 19-22 EDUCAUSE - 2004 Annual Conference

2004 ACCS and VASCAN Conference - October 11-12 Joint ACCS and VASCAN Conference

2004, Educause Security Professionals Conference - May 16-18 EDUCAUSE - Security Professionals Workshop 2004, Washington, DC

2004 Educause Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference; January 13-15 EDUCAUSE -Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

2003-Educaause Conference -November 4-7 2003 EDUCAUSE - Balancing Opportunities, Expectations and Resources

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